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Quality Fuel Products

We are a proud to offer Full Service AVFUEL branded 100LL and Jet-A to our customers. We participate in the AVTRIP rewards program. If you not enrolled in the AVTRIP rewards program you can ask about it next time you visit or click the button for more info. Please call 609-267-3131 if you any questions about the current promotions below.

What is AVTRIP?

Tuesday Eat & Save

Every Tuesday 8:00am to 4:00pm eat breakfast or lunch at the Runway Cafe located directly across from the FBO and save on fuel! Bring your receipt for the meal that day to the FBO and get $.25 cents/gal off the posted price.

Monthly Tier Pricing

We want to thank you for being a loyal repeat customer. Next time you stop in please ask the customer service representative about our latest monthly tier pricing offer. We also offer single up lift volume discounts on Jet-A. Call or ask to get the latest discounts.

Become a Tenant

All of our based aircraft tenants receive discounts on fuel every time they fill up. Ask us about our Full Service Hangars and how they save pilots and owners time and money.